ContentShake Review: Semrush’s SEO-Focused AI Writer.


Are you tired of spending countless hours crafting engaging content that ranks high on search engine results pages? Look no further! Introducing ContentShake AI, a revolutionary tool developed by Semrush, designed to cater specifically to your SEO needs. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of ContentShake AI, providing you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

What is ContentShake AI?

What is ContentShake AI?
What is ContentShake AI?

ContentShake AI is an innovative tool powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to produce exceptional and original written content. ContentShake is develop by Semrush and It is a highly useful writing tool available through Semrush’s App Center. With ContentShake AI, you can generate creative ideas for fresh content, compose engaging pieces using the assistance of AI, and optimize them to ensure they appeal to both search engines and users.

This remarkable tool is specifically designed to aid businesses and individuals in creating captivating and informative content, while also ensuring it is optimized for search engine rankings. With ContentShake AI, you can effortlessly craft well-written blog articles and social posts in a matter of minutes.

Who Can Use ContentShake AI?

ContentShake AI is a valuable tool that is available for small business owners who want to enhance their content creation process. By using this innovative AI writer, entrepreneurs can save time and energy, enabling them to concentrate on growing their businesses.

This tool utilizes your expertise and combines it with market data to create high-quality articles that resonate with your target audience. Whether you need assistance in generating ideas or publishing content on your blog or social platforms, ContentShake AI is the perfect solution. Additionally, it offers insights into your competitors’ strategies and identifies popular trends within your industry. So, if you’re a small business owner seeking efficiency and effectiveness in content creation, ContentShake AI is ideal for you.

Detailed ContentShake AI Review

1. ContentShake SEO Features

ContentShake SEO Features
ContentShake SEO Features

One of the standout features of ContentShake AI is its robust SEO tools. Imagine inputting your target keywords and instantly gaining access to valuable information like keyword efficiency, difficulty, and search volume. But that’s not all – ContentShake AI goes the extra mile by suggesting additional keywords you might have overlooked, giving you an advantage in maximizing your SEO efforts.

Think of it as having an SEO expert at your fingertips, guiding you in creating content that not only engages but also ranks well on search engines. So remember, with ContentShake AI, you have a powerful SEO ally on your side whenever you’re drafting up content.

2. Use Cases and Templates

Blog Article Generator: Are you tired of staring at a blank screen with that blinking cursor? Well, ContentShake AI is here to save the day. With just a little input, this AI powerhouse can craft engaging narratives, create attention-grabbing titles, and even provide a neat conclusion.

ContentShake Blog Article Generator
ContentShake Blog Article Generator

It’s like having your dedicated writer available 24/7. But remember, blending your unique perspective and style with ContentShake AI’s capabilities will make your content truly stand out.

Social Media Post Generator: One of the key features of ContentShake AI is its ability to generate engaging and personalized social media posts seamlessly. Whether you are an experienced marketer or a novice in the digital world, this tool offers a wide range of templates and suggestions to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Content Shake Social Post Generator
Content Shake Social Post Generator

By simply inputting your desired keyword or topic, ContentShake AI will generate unique and captivating social media posts within seconds. Moreover, it ensures that the content perfectly aligns with your brand’s tone of voice and overall aesthetic. You no longer need to worry about spending hours brainstorming ideas or struggling to find the right words. With ContentShake AI, creating attention-grabbing and share-worthy social media content has never been easier.

Content Idea Generator: Ever experienced writer’s block, struggling to come up with ideas? Enter ContentShake AI’s content idea generator feature. It’s like having a personal muse in your pocket. Simply provide a tiny spark of inspiration, and watch as it transforms into a trail of fantastic ideas. Not only does it suggest catchy keywords, but it also provides snappy titles and even a short overview.

ContentShake AI Idea Generator
ContentShake AI Idea Generator

It’s like getting a gentle nudge or a wink to ignite your blog article generation. So, the next time you run dry on ideas, remember that ContentShake AI has your back. It offers a sprinkle of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing once again.

Templates: Let’s address something about ContentShake AI – it doesn’t use templates. Not a single one. But before you raise an eyebrow, there’s a silver lining. By simply providing the AI with a keyword or title, it immediately gets to work, churning out content faster than you can say “impressive.” No time wasted scrolling through countless template options – just pure content magic.

It’s like having a writer buddy who can effortlessly deliver a story on the spot. So while the absence of templates may seem unconventional, it’s all about rapid, on-the-fly creation. Trust me, you’ll grow to appreciate it.

3. Commands and Rephraser

Commands and Rephraser
Commands and Rephraser

ContentShake AI offers a wide array of built-in commands that act as your trusty sidekicks. These commands allow you to jazz up sentences, simplify complex jargon, and get fresh eyes on your prose. The best part? You don’t need to be a wordsmith to utilize them. So next time you’re using ContentShake AI, give these commands a try and see your content sparkle.

Suggested by AI: The AI suggestion feature within ContentShake AI is like stepping into a boutique where everything is tailored just for you. As you lay out your content framework, the AI acts as your stylist, presenting various paragraph ensembles.

It’s like a content fashion show, offering styles and moods to suit your preferences. From classic to contemporary, the choices are vast, and you have the final say. This feature ensures that your content reflects your unique voice while providing flexibility and choice.

Compose with AI: Let’s explore the “Compose with AI” feature of ContentShake AI. This isn’t just any ordinary writing tool; it’s like having a co-author with a mind of its own. With a custom command, whether it’s a specific instruction or a vague theme, ContentShake AI gets to work, transforming your ideas into engaging narratives.

You have full control over the process, whether you want to be more hands-on or let the AI surprise you with its interpretation. It’s a flexible and adaptable tool that truly enhances your content creation.

Rephrase: When a sentence or paragraph falls short, the “Rephrase” feature comes to the rescue. With just one click, your content gets a fresh makeover. Don’t worry if the first attempt doesn’t meet your expectations; you can give it another try. Keep in mind that using this feature costs a credit if you’re on the free plan. So, whenever you feel stuck or need a new spin, the “Rephrase” button is there for you.

Simplify: Sometimes, sentences may feel overly complex and tangled. That’s when the “Simplify” feature steps in. With a single click, it unravels those layers of complexity, providing a clearer and more straightforward version. Similar to the “Rephrase” feature, each use of “Simplify” costs a credit. So, whenever things get too fancy or complicated, reach for the “Simplify” button to make your content clear and easy to understand.

Expand: If your phrases or sentences feel a bit too short or lacking impact, turn to the “Expand” feature. Give it a tap, and watch as it adds that extra oomph to your content.

Make List: If you have a chunk of text that needs structure, use the “Make List” feature in ContentShake AI. It will turn a wall of words into a well-organized bullet point list. Whether it’s a whole paragraph or just a sentence, this feature creates a list that fits the context. Pro tip: select a subheading and click “Make List” for a relevant list that makes your content organized and easy to read.

Readability Improvement Suggestions: When writing an article, you want it to be a masterpiece. However, sometimes you come across a tangled sentence or confusing industry jargon. The “Readability Improvement Suggestions” feature acts as a seasoned editor, highlighting long-winded phrases and technical terms that could be simplified. You have options to manually tweak the suggestions or let the AI assist you. With this feature, you can create content that is clear and engaging.

The tone of Voice Improvement Suggestions: When crafting a piece, you may have a specific vibe in mind. Whether it’s a casual beachy feel or a formal boardroom style, ContentShake AI has your back. If a sentence deviates from the intended tone, the feature will flag it for you to make adjustments.

You can choose from various levels of casualness or formality to dial in the exact mood you want. With this tool, your content will have a consistent tone that matches your desired style.

Used by Competitors: ContentShake AI’s “Used by Competitors” feature is an intriguing addition to its toolkit. It goes beyond AI-generated brilliance by analyzing existing articles on similar topics.

By diving into the insights of what others are saying, ContentShake AI crafts paragraphs that capture the essence of these articles. However, it’s important to tread carefully with this feature to avoid plagiarism. The goal is to use it as a compass, not a map, infusing your touch to maintain originality.

4. Integrations

contentshake integration
contentshake integration

ContentShake AI currently offers integrations with WordPress and Google Docs. Streamline your workflow, make collaborations smoother, and publish content seamlessly with these integrations. While there may not be many platforms available for integration yet, these connections are a promising start. Stay tuned for more possibilities in the future.


WordPress Plugin: Publishing your freshly minted article on WordPress is a piece of cake with ContentShake AI’s WordPress plugin. With just one click, your article goes live on your site. The best part is that the plugin adapts your content seamlessly to match your WordPress styles through tags. Say goodbye to fussing around with styles and enjoy the sleek and effortless publishing process.

Send to Google Docs: the thought of moving it elsewhere for edits or reviews can be daunting. But with the “Send to Google Docs” feature, exporting your article becomes easy. It sends your content straight to Google Docs with just one click, while preserving all the formatting you worked on. No more juggling between tabs or worrying about mismatched fonts. This feature ensures a smooth content journey.

5. Languages Supported

ContentShake AI currently supports only English as its primary language. However, considering the multilingual capabilities of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (a tool by the same creators), there is hope for ContentShake AI to expand its language repertoire in the future. Stay tuned for updates and keep your language-loving hopes high.

6. Customer Support

semrush support
semrush support

ContentShake AI provides excellent customer support. When reaching out with a query, they respond within approximately three hours. Their response is not just a quick brush-off but a comprehensive guide tailored to help you overcome any difficulties. Rest assured knowing that their support team is ready to throw you a lifeline whenever you find yourself in a tight spot.

7. Plagiarism and Grammar

The Grammar and Plagiarism Checker by The Apps Cloud offers a powerful way to perfect your content. Beyond detecting similarities and checking for originality, it also serves as a superb grammar checker. While it requires an extra step of copying content from ContentShake AI and pasting it into the checker, the effort is worth it. Using this tool, you can ensure that your work is both crisp and genuinely unique.

8. AI Content Detection

After using an AI tool like ContentShake AI, you may wonder how “human” your content sounds. Some platforms might classify it as nearly indistinguishable from human-written content, while others might flag it as AI-crafted. To assess where your content stands, you can utilize AI content detection tools such as The Apps Cloud’s AI Detection Tool. Keep in mind that while AI tools are powerful, they may not always go undetected by sophisticated detection systems. If avoiding AI detection is part of your goal, be aware of this possibility.

Different AI content detection tools may produce varied results when assessing the authenticity of your content. For example, while Writer.com’s AI detection tool might score your content as 99% human-written, another platform like contentatscale.ai might label it as AI-written content. The world of AI detection is dynamic and can keep you on your toes.

9. ContentShake AI Pricing

ContentShake Pricing
ContentShake Pricing

ContentShake AI offers two options for its users – a paid version and a free version

The free version includes:

  • 3 articles per month
  •  3 topic ideas per week
  •  3 ideas for each weekly topic
  •  Custom ideas
  •  30 “AI Rewrite” and “Compose with AI” feature per month

The free version provides all the basic features of the tool.

With the paid version, priced at $60 per month, you will also enjoy:

  • 25 new content ideas per week (5 topics with 5 content ideas for each topic)
  •  Unlimited articles
  •  Unlimited access to “Compose with AI”, “Ask AI”, and “AI Chat”, as well as all rewrite features
  •  One-click WordPress publishing

When it comes to ContentShake AI pricing, you have the choice between a free version with limited features and a paid version that offers more extensive capabilities and benefits.


Here are some frequently asked questions about ContentShake AI:

What is ContentShake AI?

ContentShake AI is an artificial intelligence-powered writing tool developed by Semrush. With its sophisticated algorithms, it generates high-quality and SEO-optimized content within seconds, saving you valuable time and effort.

How does ContentShake AI work?

ContentShake AI utilizes advanced natural language processing technologies and deep learning algorithms. By analyzing vast amounts of data and understanding the intricacies of SEO, this tool creates well-crafted content that meets the specific requirements of search engines.

Why should I choose ContentShake AI?

ContentShake AI offers a myriad of benefits. Firstly, it saves you significant time and resources by automating the content creation process. Its ability to generate content at scale allows you to efficiently produce articles, blog posts, and social media captions. Additionally, you can easily adapt the tone and style to match your brand’s personality.

Can ContentShake AI create content for any niche?

Absolutely! ContentShake AI is designed to cater to a wide range of industries and niches. Whether you operate in the technology sector, finance, health, or any other field, this tool has got you covered.

How accurate and reliable is the generated content?

Semrush has prioritized accuracy and reliability in the development of ContentShake AI. While no AI tool is perfect, ContentShake AI employs a rigorous quality control process to minimize errors. It provides an excellent starting point for your content and can be easily fine-tuned to align with your specific requirements.

Can ContentShake AI optimize content for search engines?

Absolutely! ContentShake AI understands the importance of SEO for online visibility. It incorporates relevant keywords, guides you on meta tags, suggests optimal header structure, and ensures a proper keyword density. By following these recommendations, your content will have a higher chance of ranking well on search engine results pages.

Is ContentShake AI user-friendly?

Yes, indeed! Semrush has designed ContentShake AI with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interface and user-friendly controls make it accessible to both beginner and experienced users. You don’t need to have any technical expertise to create compelling SEO-focused content using this tool.

How much does ContentShake AI cost?

ContentShake AI offers a Free Plan with certain features, but the Paid Version is available for $60 per month, providing access to unlimited articles and all AI composing features.

What are the downsides of ContentShake AI?

While ContentShake AI has many positives, one potential downside is that some AI detection tools may flag its content as AI-generated, which could affect its organic appearance. Additionally, ContentShake AI currently only supports English, limiting its global reach.

What are the alternatives to ContentShake AI?

Other AI-driven content tools worth considering include Frase, which focuses on SEO and marketing strategies, with features like SERP analysis and keyword integration. These alternatives provide similar functionalities and cater to various content needs.


ContentShake AI is a game-changer in the world of content creation. With its powerful features like commands, composing with AI, AI suggestions, insight into competitor content, rephrasing, simplifying, and expanding your content can truly shine. Just remember to blend its capabilities with your unique voice and style to create memorable and original content. So, go ahead and embrace the magic of ContentShake AI for SEO-focused AI writing. Happy crafting!

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